The Foundation

The Folloe Foundation was created with a vision for the future of local development. In the footsteps of our Founder Panos Germanos, a passionate entrepreneur behind some of Greece’s most successful businesses, we take a different approach to philanthropy. We apply our bold ambition and business acumen to empower people and communities to become the drivers of change, seeing both the need and the potential in under-served areas.
Many rural areas in Greece and beyond, including our founder’s hometown of Milies, are losing their vitality. This is often caused by urban migration of young people, limited employment opportunities and a lack of solid infrastructure, culminating in steadily rising poverty. At the Folloe Foundation we see the opportunity for under-served villages and communities to be reenergised and take their place as flourishing members of the economy. Our goal is to pioneer community transformation, empowering local people and providing them with the tools they need to take control of their own future. Our work falls under three pillars:

We operate in three thematic areas:


We view education as the best tool for people to empower themselves and gain applicable knowledge and skills. The Folloe Foundation partners with experts and organisations to provide residents with training, advice and hands-on experience. We also offer funding and technical support to enable community learning and growth.

Poverty alleviation

Our efforts to alleviate poverty focus on sustainable job creation and skills acquisition. We provide communities with tools, technology and practical know-how to lift themselves out of poverty and transform the places they live into bustling hotspots of economic activity.

Sustainable infrastructure

The Folloe Foundation supports communities to evolve through sustainable infrastructure. Necessities like telecommunications, energy, and water are crucial for the long-term success of a community, allowing residents to improve their own livelihoods and build their communities into attractive places to live for younger generations.

Our Approach

The Folloe Foundation approaches philanthropy based on the principles of empowerment, sustainability, and tangible results. We use hands-on, data-driven methods to our work. We are proud to have a strong focus on engaging communities and we consult beneficiaries from the earliest stages of the process. Local people are involved in the planning, design, and implementation of projects, giving communities ownership and accountability.

Projects are a learning process, not only for communities, but also for us as we grow alongside the people we work with. Throughout the project lifecycle, we adopt a constant and rigorous approach to monitoring and evaluation. We use a ‘data-to-impact’ framework which employs a continuous ‘refine, implement, analyse, review’ cycle to ensure we can quickly adapt plans where needed to make sure the project stays on track in achieving its original vision, goals and objectives.

The Folloe Foundation’s goal is to create a model which can be applied to rural and urban reinvigoration, long-term. Our aim is to reinstate these communities as attractive places to live and work, and in doing so, help them grow and flourish.