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1st open talks event for rural development in Milies





In collaboration with Genaration Ag as well as the Vice President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Farsala “O ENIPPEAS”, the lawyer Mr. Apostolopoulos, specialist in the establishment and operation of cooperative agricultural and processing forms and organizations and Ms. Apostolou, CEO of Netafim Hellas, the “open discussion” on rural development in Milies took place on Saturday, June 4, 2022.About 80 people from the wider area took an active part in the gathering of Foloi where they were informed about good practices,the form of cooperative schemes as well as financial opportunities.The purpose of this gathering was to awaken the farmers and not only, about the possibilities of rural development of the area and ways to improve the methods they use as well as to highlight the importance of cooperative schemes. On Sunday, June 5, a closed working meeting was held at the same point with selected beneficiaries and speakers, where a fruitful discussion took place, serious concerns were resolved and a plan for the next steps was drawn up. Finally, the first meeting was held with the women of the area where the possibility of creating the 1st Women’s Cooperative in the wider area was discussed on their own initiative.

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