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Donation from the Folloe Foundation to Anatolia College in Support of the “English on the Mountains” Education Program





We are pleased to announce a meaningful donation from the Folloe Foundation to Anatolia College, aiming to promote English language education in the region of Northern Thrace.

Motivated by the commitment of the Folloe Foundation to promote educational opportunities and cultural exchange initiatives, the aforementioned donation is made to Anatolia College, a non-profit educational institution that has dedicated many years to providing high-quality education in Thessaloniki and beyond.

Through this donation, the Folloe Foundation will provide its support to the educational program “English on the Mountains,” implemented by Anatolia College. This initiative aims to support students living in the villages of Northern Thrace by offering scholarships for English language courses during the winter and summer months of 2023-24.

The winter part of the “English on the Mountains” program place in the villages of Myki and Kentavros in Thrace, while the summer program will take place in Kentavros.

This donation underscores our shared commitment to educational excellence and providing education to every individual. By investing in the linguistic proficiency of students, they are equipped with skills necessary to excel in an increasingly demanding world.

Together, we believe in the power of education through which every individual can evolve and create a better future.

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