Project title

Cultivating a Sustainable Future: Folloe Foundation’s Two-Year Research Program with the Agricultural University of Athens




Sustainable Infrastructure

The Folloe Foundation is pleased to announce a two-year research program in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens. The initiative, named “Following Foloi Crops,” aims to transform the agricultural landscape of the Folloe Plateau. The program will introduce and cultivate new plant species in the region, with a focus on identifying those that not only thrive agronomically but also promise added commercial value for local cultivators

Program Overview:

The primary objective is to conduct cultivation experiments in the Folloe Plateau, monitoring and analyzing the performance of various plant species over a two-year duration. The University’s expertise will play a pivotal role in assessing the agronomic compatibility of each species with the unique environmental conditions of the area.

Selection Criteria:

At the end of the experiments, the university will meticulously evaluate the results to identify plant species that not only demonstrate agronomic success but also show potential for enhanced commercial value. These selected species will offer the Folloe Plateau producers sustainable and economically viable alternatives.

Post-Research Phase:

Following the research phase, the Agricultural University of Athens will create comprehensive cultivation guides for each selected species. These guides will serve as invaluable resources for local cultivators, ensuring they possess the knowledge and tools needed to efficiently grow the chosen plants. The cultivation guides will be donated to the local Agricultural Cooperative of the Folloe Plateau, aiming to empower producers with the insights gained from the research program. This strategic knowledge transfer seeks to boost the region’s agricultural productivity and contribute to the long-term sustainability of local farming practices.

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