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Donation from Brainfood Publishing to the organization “Shedia” through the Folloe Foundation’s donation for the publication of the book “The Greek People”





The Folloe Foundation announces a significant donation to the organization “Shedia” from Brainfood Publishing, made possible through the support of the Folloe Foundation for the publication of the book “The Greek People”. This collaboration emphasizes our commitment to initiatives promoting education, environmental protection, and culture.

“Shedia” is the only Greek street magazine and is a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). This network includes 122 street magazines in 41 countries, with more than 14,000 homeless, unemployed vendors, and approximately 6,000,000 readers internationally.

This donation, shaped by the Folloe Foundation’s commitment to supporting sustainable projects and actions, reaffirms our shared dedication to creating positive changes and preserving Greece’s rich cultural heritage.

We express our deep gratitude to Brainfood Publishing for their collaboration and dedication to our work. Together, we continue to work towards creating a brighter future for all.

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