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Creation of an Agricultural Cooperative/Announcment of establishment




Sustainable Infrastructure

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official formation of the new agricultural cooperative, with the name Agrotikos Synetarismos Oropediou Folois (A.S.O.F.) “Milies”. This organization was created with the aim of its members combining their efforts in order to enhance their standard of living and for the cooperative to be a pole of regeneration and development of the wider region. The establishment of A.S.O.F. is a great success for us and we are confident that it will enable us to respond more effectively to the ever-increasing demands of everyone operating in the primary sector.Our goal is to improve the production and quality of our products, to increase efficiency at the cultivation level and to strengthen our competitiveness in the market. In addition, the cooperative will enable us to focus on improving the living conditions of our members and their families. We want to especially thank the Folloe Foundation for the invaluable support they provided us in this venture. Our partnership with the Foundation has enabled us to achieve this significant achievement which will help us to achieve even greater things for the future of our members and the local community.

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