Project title

Meeting for the establishment of an Agricultural Cooperative in Milies





In collaboration with Generation AG as well as the lawyer Mr. Apostolopoulos, expert in establishment and operation of cooperative agricultural and manufacturing schemes and organizations, a meeting was held on Thursday 26/10/2022 with the main topic of discussion being the establishment of the agricultural cooperative in Milies. About 40 people from the wider Foloi area actively participated in the gathering(in person but also online) where they were informed about the operation of a cooperative, the benefits, obligations and rights as well as questions and queries were resolved. Also they were informed about the cultivation standards as well as specialization in the proposed standards for the cooperative groups. Finally, a presentation was made on the work of the wells and their management methods. The purpose of the meeting was to make the potential participants in the cooperative realize what benefits they can have as well as the commercial value that their products will acquire.

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