Project title

Research on Wine-making in the Village of Milies






Education, Poverty Alleviation


Milies is a small village located in the Ilia region of the Peloponnese, one of the poorest areas in Greece with an average per capita income 30% below the national average. The village has been gradually abandoned in recent years, having only 70 residents, mostly of an older age. Viticulture has grown significantly in Greece over the last years with a lot of small winemakers producing high quality wines and implementing wine tourism activities. Wine production in the area has been declining in recent years due to depopulation and state disincentives. However, there are indications that the area has climate and geographic characteristics that make it suitable for the production high-quality wine.

The Folloe Foundation supports a preliminary assessment of the potential of the area for wine production, through a partnership with expert professionals. The project is implemented in the context of the Foundation’s initiative to revitalize Milies and the surrounding area through job creation.

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